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The truth about the unraveling of the our nation's first post 9/11 terrorism trial. The demise of the case was a result of retaliatory efforts by the Justice Department against the lead prosecutor, judicial misconduct and irresponsible journalism.

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Satellite Photos Match Terrorist Sketch

The grand jury heard evidence that satellite photos of the Queen Alia military hospital in Jordan match the Detroit terrorists' sketch. But that didn't stop the two prosecutors from indicting the case anyway.

Not only does the Justice Department state that it doesn't matter that photos would have served as further evidence against the terrorists, the two prosecutors admit that they don't even have proof that the one set of the pictures even existed!


Are we wasting our taxpayer dollars on this?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is such bullcrap, our so-called justice dept has done you very wrong, I hope somebody opens this case back up. I will be following it closely and remind our Senators constantly about this mis-carriage of justice. God Bless you and your family...Daniel Jakubowski

11:00 AM  

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